SEMA promotes success of its clients

SEMA promotes success of its customer in the railway transportation by

  • Quality management- resulted out of qualitative and high class repair works and maintenance for rail wagons
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency by value retention

SEMA closes market niches

Long downtimes at repair works- market research shows more than 9 days, that bad quality of repair works, unsatisfied customers, high costs, missing damage history is the daily reality in the railway transportation.

SEMA finds a remedy by market-driven solutions and novel concepts

SEMA is located centrally

SEMA's shop is located in Celle, one of the most important junctions. SEMA concentrates on preventive maintenances, (minor) repair works and revisions.

SEMA has the 24-hours-maintenance-guarantee

SEMA tries to limit the stay in the shop. We offer about 80 standard activities

and guarantee a maximum stay of 24 hours in the shop.

SEMA is mobile

A customer doesn't come to the shop but rather the shop comes to the customer. With our modern equipped service car we also carry out short term mobile services.


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